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The Hub

for all things Bajan.

From the corner rum shop with its ham cutters and fiery pepper sauce to Bajan diaspora activities, we’ll connect you with Barbados and Bajans.


Bajans Connect brings you evocative looks at the lifestyles, food, people, products and services that make us. Wherever you are, we’ll help you connect.

For the love of a great cocktail

Mixologist Christopher Alleyne shares his secret to the perfect cocktail and teaches you how to make your own signature mix. 

by Bajans Connect


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Whether you know it as Mavi, Mabi or Mauby, this sweet, slightly bitter drink is a staple across many Caribbean islands. What makes a glass of mauby truly Bajan? It just might come down to the recipe. 

By Korena Darnelle

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For donkey years, Bajans have been creating simple yet delicious budget-friendly meals using whatever was available. Even some of our local delicacies like pone, flying fish and cou-cou and conkies were developed based on what we could find. So let us take a trip down memory lane with some throw-back Bajan budget meals.

By Julie-Ann Maughn

Breadfruits roasting (Budget Foods of Ye

During the 1950s-1960s many Barbadian households struggled financially. This economic climate had a long lasting impact on this island’s culinary history which is apparent in many of the foods we enjoy today. 

By Bajans Connect

How yuh like it?

Bajans Connect will bring you the latest news and hottest interviews, big events and honest reviews. Before the cat could lick he ear, click some pictures to get the details.

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Milo Can Money Management

An infamous Bajan hiding hole has always been the empty Milo can. A simple act of resourcefulness that saw our grannies saving money for their sou-sou or meeting turns, bus fare, the purchase of school books, fixing pairs of shoes or buying flying fish when grocery money was short. 

by Sharma Taylor


Barbados has long been heralded as the birthplace of rum. With nutrient-rich soil perfect for growing lush sugar cane with which to make rich molasses and a unique limestone aquifer, the island possesses all of the key ingredients for making the aromatic liquid for which it is known around the world.

By Korena Darnelle


Our island’s multifaceted history is filled with tales of our resilience, hospitality and resourcefulness such as baking bread in an old biscuit tin on a heap of coals over a crackling fire. 

By Fern Lewis

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Bajans Connect Jam

Love is not on lockdown. If you are overseas and want to show your loved one in Barbados how much they mean to you, it’s as easy as the click of a button.  

By Sharma Taylor

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Mixologist Christopher Alleyne shares his secret to the perfect cocktail and teaches you how to make your own signature mix. 

By Bajans Connect

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