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By Fern Lewis                                  


12/02/2021      9 min read time

For the love of Bim
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When songwriters Dr. Stedson ‘RPB’ Wiltshire and Edwin ‘The General’ Yearwood wrote “This Is Who We Are” in the midst of a deadly global pandemic, they brought to life the true essence of what makes us Bajan to the bone. Our island’s multifaceted history is filled with tales of our resilience, hospitality and resourcefulness such as baking bread in an old biscuit tin on a heap of coals over a crackling fire. But at a time when we are facing our most formidable enemy to date - one whose presence we cannot see, hear or sense - we cultivate deeper appreciation for our family, friends, way of life and our beloved Bim. 

Five Reasons Why Bim Is Best​

Around the world, Barbadians are experiencing lockdowns and pauses that have become prevalent during the pandemic. It is times like these when our memories of better times built around our island’s unique culture fuel our strength to soldier on, no matter the crisis or challenge we face. 

So whether you are at home on this 166 square mile paradise or you are in another locale far from the island, here are five reasons why Bim is the best.

barbados mauby

De Food

Our heritage is loaded with the best food and fare any time of the year. From St Philip to St Lucy, memories of mouth-watering Sunday food like peas and rice, baked chicken, macaroni pie, doved peas and potato salad make our stomachs growl in anticipation. We remember ‘washing it down’ with a tall glass of mauby before stretching out, putting our feet up and fading into a deep sleep as a cool Bajan breeze blows over us.

Dominoes are a treasured Bajan pastime

barbados dominoes

De Fun

Whether you’re Bajan by birth or naturalization, you’ll know we love a good lime! Whether it’s slamming dominoes for hours on end, playing Warri or grabbing our swimsuits and towel to spend a day at one of the island’s spectacular beaches, we’re all about that life.

A beautiful Bajan beach

De Beach

Speaking of beaches...for most of us, the beach is so close that it’s almost in our backyards. It’s an indisputable fact that Barbados has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches - powdery white sand kissed by crystal clear waters that can take your breath away on a sunny Sunday morning. This incomparable beach lifestyle is beloved, especially for the esteemed league of retirees whose early morning meet ups at Browne’s Beach or Pebbles Beach are what make Barbados the best place to grow up and grow old. 

Oistins, Barbados

De People

What keeps the pulse of Bim beating, aside from the resilience of our economy, is the people who call this island home. And at the core of this hive of people numbering nearly 300,000 is our family. And family is not family without granny to keep you grounded, well fed and spoilt. So whether it’s spending time together, worshipping together, working together or just knowing that you belong, there is nothing quite like being home with family in Bim.

Gimme a knock!

De Warmth

Rounding out this list of five reasons to raise our flag when the times are trying is one we often take for granted. We are known for our friendliness and good cheer to all, and though our smiles may be hidden by masks, our hearts are still warm and our eyes are still softened by our goodwill towards others. Nothing ought to change the essence of who we are - Bajan in every sense, friendly to one and all. This will always be our badge of honor, knowing that through good times and bad times, we were our brother’s keeper, our island’s most devoted ambassadors and we did our best to protect and preserve our home, Bim.

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