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"sweet fuh so"!

Old classics, new delights, exciting combinations and new twists on old traditions. Barbados reimagined. Bajans Connect is taking your inner foodie on a wild ride with our food features.


Grab your coal pot, cou-cou stick and let’s go.


Whether you know it as Mavi, Mabi or Mauby, this sweet, slightly bitter drink is a staple across many Caribbean islands. What makes a glass of mauby truly Bajan? It just might come down to the recipe. 

By Korena Darnelle

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For donkey years, Bajans have been creating simple yet delicious budget-friendly meals using whatever was available. Let us take a trip down memory lane with some throw-back Bajan meals.

By Julie-Ann Maughan

Breadfruits roasting (Budget Foods of Ye

During the 1950s-1960s many Barbadian households struggled financially. This economic climate had a long lasting impact on this island’s culinary history which is apparent in many of the foods we enjoy today. 

By Bajans Connect

Try the Perfect Bajan Cheese Board

Executive Chef Dane Saddler of Caribbean Villa Chefs explains the ins and outs of a delicious cheese board.

By Julie-Ann Maughan

Rich caramel

We rounded up a variety of Bajan-made chocolates and sorted them based on personality so you'll have an easier time picking the perfect gift for your beau.

by Bajans Connect

Shirley nachos

A hint of sweetness from the Shirleys and savoury black pepper notes make these the perfect go-to snack.

by Julie-Ann Maughan

The Ultimate Bajan Stuffing

Made with Eclipse biscuits, this recipe will quickly become a family favourite.

by Julie-Ann Maughan

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