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Life in Barbados

real sweet!

Traditions, trends, gift guides and more. We’ll connect you to the very best of Barbados with an impressive array of exciting articles, stories, interviews and videos.

Milo Can Money management

Milo Can Money Management 

An infamous Bajan hiding hole has always been the empty Milo can. A simple act of resourcefulness that saw our grannies saving money for their sou-sou or meeting turns, bus fare, the purchase of school books, fixing pairs of shoes or buying flying fish when grocery money was short. 

By Sharma Taylor

For the love of Bim

Our island’s multifaceted history is filled with tales of our resilience, hospitality and resourcefulness such as baking bread in an old biscuit tin on a heap of coals over a crackling fire

By Fern Lewis


Barbados has long been heralded as the birthplace of rum. Find out how this aromatic spirit became known around the world.

by Korena Darnelle

A virtual christmas official.jpg

Even if this year’s celebrations look different, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

By Sharma Taylor

A traditional Bajan Christmas official.j

Cleaning for Christmas is a time-honoured tradition that Bajans take very seriously. There is a certain euphoria associated with the annual cleanse.

by Nicole Forde


We’ve rounded up the best fashion, jewellery, candles and more at a wide array of price points for everyone on your list.

by Korena Darnelle

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