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BIDC Chocolate


By Bajans Connect

03/03/2021                                8 min read

The Best Bajan Chocolate For Your Beau
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It is rumoured that over 4,000 years ago, legendary Aztec leader Montezuma enjoyed crushed cocoa served with hot water, believing it to enhance his performance with the ladies.


While the veracity of this statement is not guaranteed, it could be the reason why chocolate has become synonymous with love. And just like how love comes in different forms, so does chocolate. Barbados has several fine chocolatiers currently producing a wide range of treats that run the gamut between dark and delicious to milky and sweet. So how do you choose which chocolate to gift your loved one? Bajans Connect has rounded up a selection from some of the finest local chocolates based on your partner’s personality to help you choose from the very best Bajan chocolates available.

Fun and Spontaneous

Roller coasters? Action movies? Rally events? Have we got the chocolate choices for you. This personality type probably wants something more daring and unusual, something to make his or her eyes pop open in surprise. Jems’ Barbados has an Infusion bar laced with Old Brigand Rum, combining decadent dark chocolate with a tried and true Bajan favourite for an unforgettable experience.

Jems Barbados Rum-Infused chocolate

Jems Barbados has an Old Brigand-infused dark chocolate bar that is a glorious ode to rum and chocolate.

The Flower Child

Is your loved one earthy and full of life? We actually found chocolates decorated with flowers and groovy patterns on them. Green Monkey Chocolatier has not one, but two versions of their passion fruit chocolates. Their passion fruit purees are encased in both white and dark chocolate, giving you double the options when you’re looking for something memorable for that special someone.

Green Monkey White Passion Fruit.jpeg

The Great Thinker

Do you know a friend that always wants to play Scrabble? Or has the Garrison Tunnel tours highlighted on their social calendar? They’ll probably enjoy something that will help to stimulate their minds. Green Monkey Chocolatier has their number. Grab a box of their coffee flavoured milk chocolate ganache infused with 100% Arabica beans. These bite-sized treats are sure to keep your beau's brain buzzing.

The Sweet Lover

What do you give to the sweetest person in the world? Someone who’s always brimming with sunshine and a kind word deserves something as sweet as they are and we’re thinking caramel. Agapey Chocolate Factory’s salted caramel balances the sweetness of caramel with a hint of salt and will be just the thing to show your other half that you care.

Rich caramel

Have you ever tried chocolate flavoured with salted caramel?

The Classy Diva

This was a tough one, but we came through. What do you give to the person who has everything? An indulgent chocolate experience might hit the spot. Green Monkey’s gold champagne chocolate truffles combine a handful of luxurious ingredients into one of their signature truffles for an exquisite delicacy that’s sure to delight your Classy Diva.

Champagne truffles.jpg

Photo courtesy of Green Monkey Chocolatier

The Wild Child

Bajans fondly refer to someone who doesn’t like to travel the beaten path as a 'wild child' but that’s not a bad thing. As a matter of fact, you’ll often find these wild children to always be at the centre of any gathering. They're always up for any adventure and are usually full of great ideas. The perfect present for them is none other than Jems Barbados dried fruit chocolate bark. Topped with locally sourced dried fruit, each bite will take their taste buds on a wild ride that they’ll definitely enjoy.


If you’re short on time, but still need to get your hands on these great gifts, consider ordering through PriceWhirl. Their convenient service allows you to shop at most locations and have the items delivered islandwide.


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