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Mixologist Christopher Alleyne


By Bajans Connect

16/03/21                   11 minute read

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Christopher Alleyne

Mixing It Up Bajan Style

Ever wondered how to craft a signature cocktail? Bajans Connect got the chance to chat with mixologist Christopher Alleyne about his love for working with local ingredients to create incredible cocktails.

Chris Alleyne

This Barbadian mixologist talks fruits, Falernum and flavour and shows us how to make the most delicious cocktails.

BAJANS CONNECT: Tell us a bit about your journey as a mixologist.

CHRIS: My journey as a mixologist started at my first job. I was a barback (porter) at a local sports bar. As I grew into the position, the bartenders would educate me by allow[ing] me to practice making some of the cocktails on the menu. Soon after that, I heard about an opening at Cocktail Kitchen, where I am bartending at the present moment. In the interview with Damian Leach (the owner) I spoke about how eager I was to learn more about bartending and the skill of mixing. After the interview the senior mixologist at CK, Narissa Beckles, taught me everything she knew. It was then that I learned how much you can really express yourself using mixology because not only did she teach me the art of mixing drinks, she also taught me the love of the job, how to express and convey my emotions into the cocktails I was making. 

BAJANS CONNECT: Do you have a passion for working with local ingredients?

CHRIS: Yes, yes, yes! I absolutely love local ingredients, fruit in particular. Some of my favorites to work with are coconut, grapefruit, mango as well as tamarind and coriander. I find local products like Falernum and Clayton’s Kola Tonic are also versatile to work with and add great local flavour [to] cocktails as well. 

I enjoy mixing a great classic cocktail, the espresso martini. This cocktail needs a little finesse to create a well balanced flavour and look, with a healthy layer of foam on top. 

Fresh fruits are perfect for cocktails

Fresh fruits make the perfect cocktail

BAJANS CONNECT: Some mixologists have their own signature mixes - do you?

CHRIS: Yes. Since I started experimenting with local ingredients while attending Topshelf Bartending  Academy, we were taught how to make our own syrups, shrubs, tinctures and bitters. Since then, I have tried and perfected some of my own signatures mixes. 

"When I think of romance and cocktails, I think sweet, sexy and bubbly cocktails."

BAJANS CONNECT: Can you give us some ideas for romantic cocktail mixes made with local products?

CHRIS: For those who prefer a fruity drink; pomegranates and fresh mint accompanied with Falernum and a local rum would definitely set the mood for the occasion. For those who prefer a stronger, less complex flavour profile, a simple cocktail of Doorly’s 12 year old rum with a few dashes of Angostura bitters and local brown sugar syrup, then topped with some prosecco would do the trick as well.
Pomegranates and mint

BAJANS CONNECT: Oh wow! Those sound heavenly. Can you suggest food pairings for these cocktail mixes?

CHRIS: The [fruity] cocktail pairs really well with chicken, pork and beef. The second [cocktail made with Doorly’s] will go really well with seafood. You'll definitely want to have some sushi with it. 

BAJANS CONNECT:How can our readers get creative and create their own signature mix? What kind of drink could they hope to concoct with a local ingredient such as Clayton's?

CHRIS: Clayton's Kola Tonic always pairs well with fruits and herbs. I'd say check the fridge, see what fruits you have and select [the] local rum you would like to base your drink with. You can then try adding Falernum as your sweetener or use a homemade simple syrup mix: one part brown bajan sugar and one part water. Add some fresh lime juice to help balance your cocktail, shake and pour over fresh ice and you'll be on the way [to] being your very own mixologist.


Claytons Kola Tonic

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